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UltraMon is an application used for multiple displays on different monitors. It has a set of pre-defined settings and application window placement. It has a smart taskbar that helps to manage more applications. The user can move windows across the desktop easily.


This application is very useful when a mirror display of the main system is required to be displayed on other monitors during presentations. There are shortcuts available in order to control the positioning of the application. UltraMon adds a taskbar on every secondary monitor. This taskbar hence displays the tasks on the monitor on which it is currently running. This option also helps to manage applications easily, and thus, while activating any application, the user can know on which monitor it will appear.

The key feature of UltraMon is added on a new tab in the application property window. So for any application, the property window displays the UltraMon tab which the user can edit the settings, when the application is running. The Display profiles feature enables the user to change the monitor settings. This profile is applied while logging into the secondary systems. So, when multiple users operate on their systems they can customize the display settings. The desktop wallpaper can also be set and hence, different images can be selected on different monitors. There is also an option to stretch a single picture across all the monitors in use. Screen saver settings can also be done with UltraMon. The primary system can have a screen saver set, while the secondary systems can be blanked out when the screen saver runs in the first one. Also, additional screen savers can be set on the secondary systems. The mirroring feature helps in displaying a single application on all monitors at a time and this is especially useful during presentations. Different resolutions can set on each monitor with this feature. With the help of these custom display settings UltraMon can run on more than ten monitors at a time. The configurations can be done very quickly on each monitor, using the monitor arrangement tool.

Apart from the custom window buttons, UltraMon has built-in custom menu commands. These commands perform the same functionality as that of the window buttons. UltraMon has a special version of the show, tile and cascade commands, which work on all open windows.


DisplayFusion, Zbar and Dual Monitor taskbar are the other softwares available in the market. But UltraMon is a versatile tool and the configurations can be done very quickly on each monitor and the secondary display can be extended to more than ten monitors at a time, as compared to other tools.


With the click of a button, the user can move any window to the secondary monitor. Mirroring during presentations is also a very useful feature provided by UltraMon. Hence, the application has a wide range of users as any window can be maximized to the desktop.


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