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UltraEdit is a fantastic editing tool that works well with various formats like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, texts, etc. This is one of the finest options for coders. Also, it can be a handy option as well for the normal users as an alternative for Notepad.


  • Customized – The UltraEdit tags a helping tool that explains on the ways of handling various acts through the editor. To start with, the tool can be customized and make the conventional file associations. The best part of the tool is that despite consuming lesser space, it makes a great surface available for the users. Through the file view, you can witness a structure for various purposes. The menu is like obsessed with specs. It is really impossible to go through all these points at once. However, the help section is there to assist you through the navigation.
  • Friendly Processing – It does have a line-up mode that alters the editor appearance to perform multiple tasks. In addition, this is a fine option for bringing and putting work files. There is a script compiler and text editor to fine-tune the process. The UltraEdit is one of the finest tools to provide you with the complete information regarding the steps covered.
  • Least Space Consuming – Despite being a feature rich product, it consumes really little space, thus putting little impact upon the processor. The tool is too secure to have on your system as it hardly interferes with other resources in any way.
  • High-End Feature – The tool brings latest features at regular intervals. You can now find options for script search, replacing options. The undo and correction options have been added as well. Users also have the options of flexibility to display or conceal the text or codes. UltraEdit makes it too clear for the users regarding FTP transfer or any other connectivity issues. It presents the final output of the files in a best way. UltraEdit is a fantastic option as well in terms of bug fixing.
  • Best for Coders/Designers – UltraEdit is a very good tool for designing works. The CSS color tooltips is a great option for the designers, and the coders. It has been provided with ample of thesis and interfaces. You can judge your current work status through the tool quite easily, and through the process you get the option of file inputs as well. The status bar keeps on informing you on this regards. Above all, the tool is quite responsive and smooth in terms of usage.


There are various other similar options available like Gedit, or Vim. However, UltraEdit is too ahead of other options in comparison with its functionality and specs. In fact, from the common usage point of views, this is a handy tool as well in comparison with the conventional options like Notepad or Notepad++.


UltraEdit is one of the most efficient tools for the developers and normal users for text or script editing purposes in comparison with the others.


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