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Fragmented files often cause the system to slow down. Not only constant use and heavy load, but other external factors like processor capacity, RAM size also contribute to unhealthy situation of system drive. When a file gets fragmented, the files get scattered at different parts of the drive and it is a tough job for the processor to find all the parts and assemble in such a short time to show on the screen. UltraDefrag is a perfect tool to maintain computer health as it locates the fragmented files and it defrags engine efficiently and all the files to keep the integrity.


UltraDefrag is a lightweight software for all around maintenance of system health, especially for file defrag purpose. This tool features an intuitive design, which may look a bit complex and crowded at first, but the large buttons help files provide exceptional guide on how to use the software. UltraDefrag offers a wide range of defrag mode options, letting the user to take control over which drive or folder or section to analyse for fragmented files. This software comes with an unique defrag engine which takes couple of seconds to search for fragmented files, then compacts the hard drive and organizes all the defragged files to its original place as well. The user interface is quite fast and provides a lot of options prior to start the analysis, like the user can opt to shut down the system after it finishes the job or it is also possible to choose drive to be scanned. The total rime required to finish the whole process perhaps depend on the hard drive size and processor speed. One major benefit of this tool is to defrag all important system file and system meta files. The defrag engine optimizes the drive space and speed after the defragmentation process. Interactive boot time scan and defrag process is also an added benefit.


Though in this category, Ultradefrag is a popular tool to defrag the disc drive, it has got some competition also. Smart Defrag, O&O Defrag Professional, Diskeeper Professional are some other software which performs in the same way. Ultra Defrag Portable is also very efficient in its job and as it can be used directly via a flash drive without installing it on the directory. O&O Defrag Professional is also a popular tool because of its simplistic design and wide range of defrag options.


UltraDefrag is a utility tool which ensures the good health of the system by eliminating any instance of fragmented files. Its simplistic design makes the tool easy to use for all kind of users. This application, i.e. UltraDefrag is a must have tool if the user is concerned about the system health and looking for an all-in-one tool for clean up the drive in more efficient way.


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