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UltimateZip is yet another intuitive archive application. It also support many archive formats such as JAR, ZIP, 7Z, CAB, etc. It’s extremely fast to use and archives files in just minutes. It has many other exciting and useful features.


UltimateZip is a paid archive application allowing its users to readily archive files in minutes. Its interface is very intuitive and simple to use. All the main features can be found on the main screen. Using it is very simple as is done in all the archive application. Select the files that are to be archived, select appropriate archive file type from the list of supported formats, select compression level and create the archive. The processed archive file can be saved to some other location besides the directory of the files to be archived, and just specify the path for the archive to be created. Archive can also be password protected using this application. Extracting can be done easily as the application integrates it menu to the file options menu.

Furthermore the archived files can be directly mailed, added to DVD or CD or can be uploaded to a remote FTP server. View file properties, rename file, edit content, and add comment and much more can also be done. In addition to all of this, users can create a self-extracting archive, can also use the MD5 checksum tool, file integrity checking, batch processor, zip repairing, etc. An antivirus application can also be made to work in conjunction with the archiver to check for the virus before archiving the files. Besides all of these features, it uses minimum amount of system resources and hard drive space. Additionally, users can change the language of the interface.


An archive creator is an application that compresses the selected files to secure the files for later use and also to save some space of the hard drive. One such application is UltimateZip. There are many other applications that do the same common task of archiving files. Some of these applications are WinZip, Winrar, peazip, Bandizip, etc. All of these applications possess same common features along with the specific additional features. UltimateZip is a paid application as WinZip and Winrar is, whereas peazip and Bandizip are freeware. Being free applications, these might lag in some features however the major task of archiving remains the same for all of the applications.


UltimateZip is a light weight archiving application that allows its users to effectively compress or decompress files to save disk space and secure files for later use. However, there are several other applications that do exactly the same task of creating archives. UltimateZip lags in its pricing structure which is very high as compared to the apps of the same community.


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