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In today’s world, music and movie streaming over the internet is available free or at really affordable rates and the practice of burning your own DVDs or CDs is becoming passé. However, considering the amount of videos people take with their smartphones and video cameras, it is clear that DVD authoring of an individual’s life is still an important element. One of the biggest advantages of using Ulead DVD Workshop is that it allows you to document those important events in your life in an attractive manner for many years to come.


Ulead DVD Workshop is an extremely perceptive authoring application that is designed for DVD producers and home users looking to create professional Super Video CDs, Video CDs or DVDs. The software boasts of a well-organized interface that is mostly occupied by the preview window giving you the space and tools to edit your content, menu and projects. Along with the set, are a few templates that let you choose your desired playback quality as well as customize the properties so they fit well into your requirements such as audio-video settings, frame size and encoding driver. With Ulead DVD Workshop you can easily combine multiple subtitles, audio tracks and video clips making it the best tool for your home video creation effort.


Unlike other DVD authoring software like Sony DVD Architect Studio, Ulead DVD Workshop offers support for many file types including MPEG/MPG, SVCD, DVD(dual and single layer), SD Video, Windows Media (WMV, AVI, ASF), and many others. Also, unlike the other market players who offer a few basic assembly tools, Ulead DVD Workshop comes complete with a set of extensive layout and design tools in built. One gets to benefit from a clear yet intuitive storyboard based workflow that guides the user through the advanced features and creative options available.


Ulead DVD Workshop is an easy to use yet powerful DVD authoring tool that offers both professional and home DVD producers excellent text and graphics capabilities. Other outstanding features that make this software a must have include unlimited menu branching, dual layer disc support, subtitle editor and multiple text and audio tracks.


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