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UAC Controller Tool is a proper software to take care of a user account control setting with ease. Presently there is only one version launched by the developer and that is UAC Controller Tool 1.0 to have a swift user account creating process with minimum-security interference.


User access control can be very easily changed using UAC Controller Tool. If the users frequently change their OS setting or format their computer more often to keep it clean from virus, this is just the application they should have. One of its features enables to stop computer from asking for permission before any action is taken on the system. If the users want, they can turn off UAC controller tool if they do not want it to interfere their normal controller settings.

It lets the users to have a feature to enable elevation without prompt from Administrator, and this helps them to automate the elevation system of OS without any command from the administrator. One of the most admired features of this software is that any of the option the users select will immediately get applied on Windows User Access Control. The software does not require a system restart every single time the users change an option on the software window. It offers a total of five option one of which is the elevation enabler.

The remaining options give the option to keep the system dormant or turn off. Only if the UAC turn off option is chosen, the computer needs to be turned off. However, this is not required for the other options. UAC control tool can be accessed whenever the users want, as it can be easily opened from the system tray. Its fourth option shifts the computer’s UAC to a user-friendly mode and will allow the computer to behave friendly with all programs and allow them to have access to the account without interference. It will alert only when a program tries to alter the setup of the account and will block such program’s access temporarily.


Other software of this genre are not so advanced as UAC Controller Took. This tool enables many more features that are not easily provided by Windows in-built solutions.


It is a very useful software for guiding User Access. If the users do not want to be notified every single time a program tries to interact with their account, they can open the account gates with the help of this software. They can change the settings while running any other program also so it will adapt to respective programs as it does not need a system to restart every single time.


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