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Typing, for some, is a cumbersome and tedious task. Novice people have to search for each and every alphabet or character on the keyboard before hitting it. This practice, undoubtedly, results in utter wastage of time, owing to the very basic fact of not being well verse with typing. For those all, TypingMaster Pro is one such application which can make the change in your daily schedules, by saving huge chunks of time by facilitating faster typing.


Coupled with an easy to use interface, TypingMaster Pro boasts numerous helpful features. As a complete package, the application offers courses, tutorials, and several other “Do it yourself” activities.

In order to facilitate easier learning ability, Typing Master Pro includes three categories of courses, namely Touch typing course, Speed building course, and Numbers, Special marks & 10-pad key courses. Each of the first two courses has 12 and 6 chapters, respectively. You can make use of these chapters in order to ensure faster growth. While taking these courses, Typing Master Pro offers the assessment options as well, i.e. you can assess your acquired knowledge by attempting the quiz offered by the software. This feature drags this tool an extra step closer to being a real course being taught physically.


Since the need for assistance while typing is a problem that is faced all over the world, developers everywhere, started developing solutions for the same, which has led to a market that is full of similar software.

The most prominent ones of them include hu Rapid Typing tutor, kTouch, Typing Web, and keys, etc. Rapid Typing tutor and Keys are two very popular software of this genre. When it comes to such competition, Typing Master Pro has user interface and the availability of various courses to its advantage, giving it an edge over others.


Typing Master Pro is a very light tool, whose size is a mere 9 MB. Not only does it ensures that your tone is saved, but also makes sure that you learn typing the right way, through scientifically adopted courses and exercises.


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