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All the web developers know the headache of programming in NotePad, wherein you had to have all the syntaxes in your mind, or else, the output won’t be appropriate. Twistpad comes in as a savior, by sporting the syntaxes of numerous programming and scripting languages, crucial for web development.


Twistpad is a rich text editor at its core, but apart from being one of the perfect replacements for Microsoft’s NotePad, the application is also a strong tool to develop programs with. With Twistpad’s rich and easy to use interface, the syntax that you type in gets highlighted. Hence, even if you are confused about the correct syntax, you’ll always have a helping hand, in the form of Twistpad. Popular programming languages such as C++, Pascal, ASP, and scripting markup language such as HTML and XML, are among the many whose syntax has been embedded in the application, making it easy for the developers to spend more time in logics.

The program also features other tools, similar to that found in text editors, irrespective of the make, such as Finding and/or Replacing a particular text or phrase in the entire text document, a standby clipboard to facilitate cut copy and pasting operations for the user, a variety of options to make the text look more attractive by formatting its face, color, or size, monitoring the spellings in the document, and auto recover, among various others.

Not only is the interface of Twistpad visually and performance-wise strong, but it also makes sure the user is able to carry the documents, by exporting the document to RTF (Rich Text Format) and HTML. The fact that Twistpad makes editing of normal text based documents simplified, meanwhile offering support by highlighting the syntaxes, is a huge boon for developers, as well as non-developers. The amazing capabilities of Twistpad don’t end here, as the application supports Unicode, Compiler, and project management.


The two applications that prove to be obstacles in the path of Twistpad are Notepad++, NotePad and EditPad Lite. Twistpad destroys its competition as the competitors when it comes to Notepad and EditPad. These applications do not support the detection of syntaxes; hence can only be used for simple text formatting. Notepad++ however supports syntax detection as well, and is quite a popular tool.


Backed up by newly added plethora of features, Twistpad offers you the best of both worlds, be it development or normal editing.


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