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Maintaining the performance of Windows by cleaning up the Windows is sure of some use. It does help you to keep up the performance of the system. But what if we are able to customize almost every aspect of the Windows to the tiniest bit, and still maintain the performance delivered by the system? TweakNow PowerPack is an interesting utility for Windows that allows a user to tune up various aspects within a system.


Usually, when we want some tweaking within our system, different set of libraries have to be download and expected them to work together. A rather simpler alternative is to download this shareware. A register cleaner module is available to allow easy disposal of Window registry files which have settled into the system for a long time now without any significant use. An interesting module present is a Virtual desktop, mainly dealing in creating real time virtual desktops that can be customized anytime and anywhere. Disk usage explorer runs its course if the hard disk runs out of space, and there is a need to detect and delete the least useful and redundant files. Alternatively, disk cleaner can also be used to perform similar actions. Privacy can be easily maintained using the Track Cleaner module, typically designed to delete browsing history, passwords and cookies from all the related browsers, media player and related applications. Additionally, RAM optimizer is there to clean up and provide ample memory whenever needed. Startup manager keeps PC to optimal performance by selecting exactly which application should run whenever Windows load, keeping up startup speed of the system.


TweakNow PowerPack is a great utility to fine tune a system to its maximum potential, but similar alternatives have arisen that have given this software a lot of competition. CCleaner for instance is a great software that remove bloated and less useful files to run PC faster and efficiently. Glary Utilities gives user another option with similar capabilities. TweakNow PowerPack though is small in size, and can provide users some helpful module for ease of access. This software is quite a compact utility for any set of configurations.


TweakNow PowerPack is a totally integrated utility for Microsoft Windows to tune the system to user’s desires. From startup of the windows, to virtual changes in the desktop, from Privacy clean up to deletion of redundant files, it does it all. Nothing more can be added to degrade or overshadow the peculiar qualities of this shareware.


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