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Initially released in August of 2012, TVersity is software that assists personal computers with streaming content to UPnP equipment like the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Streaming occurs regardless of the limitations for that specific device. For example, although the Xbox 360 does not support every codec, Tversity transcodes streaming video in the PC into a compatible format and transfers it to the device to be viewed.


TVersity delivers several helpful features. First, it allows for the delivery of any form of media to any device: tablets, consoles, etc. Also, the software allows users to develop a personalized lineup of channels known as PEG (Personal Entertainment Guide). It is similar to the “Favorites” feature found on cable provider remotes.
Additionally, Tversity offers Content Guides, which aide in accessing links utilizing organized lists. Finally, the software features Multimedia Social Networking, which lets users share different links with other users.


There are many alternatives available to TVersity. First, the free PS3 Media Server is compatible with almost all modern devices. It can seamlessly stream content from one piece of media equipment to the next. Another alternative is the Plex Media Service, which displays all multimedia content on other devices like Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, mobile devices and television. A third option is MediaTomb, which is also a streaming media server developed for Linux and Mac-based operating systems.


TVersity is an intriguing and innovative idea. Unfortunately, there are now so many competitors that provide this service (many of which are free); it has made Tversity obsolete. Many of the consoles offer free streaming from different devices as part of their package. This begs the question as to why anyone would pay for the service when it is already free with certain gaming equipment.


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