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Being able to protect the computer from viruses and malware is the main objective when it comes to computer maintenance. TrustPort Internet Security provides these service as well as spyware protection. Data protection should be the key task when owning a computer and finding quality security software is essential.


TrustPort Internet Security has several features that ensure data protection. Its main characteristic feature is the ability to check files as they are opened and prevent malware from being opened. Its ability to offer file system protection is among the best in the world today. Another key feature is online protection. It scans files that are being downloaded and prevents any phishing sites from being opened. It also integrates into any of the mail based programs and scans any incoming mail for spam and malware. Having a personal firewall allows it to check any interaction between the installed programs and the connected environment. It gives the user the option of allowing or blocking the accessibility of certain suspicious programs or applications. It has a portable antivirus that that will ensure that any documents and files that are stored in the flash drives are protected at all times. Having a parental lock feature enables the user to be able to block any online sites that he or she might deem as inappropriate. This feature allows the user to protect children from any invalid web contents. It has an option of selecting up to 13 languages in preference to the user.


The main distinguishing feature about TrustPort Internet Security from other security software is the parental lock. Not most antiviruses give the user the option of blocking unwanted sites. This feature enables the user to be sure of child safety. Its ability to scan files as they open is a feature that most system security software might lack. Having its own personal firewall that will be able to protect your computer from malware is also rare. Mail protection and spam filter makes it stand out from other related security software.


TrustPort Internet Security gives interested buyers a 30 day fully functional trial version to test the product. TrustPort Internet Security is best suited for homes and small offices.


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