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Trustport Antivirus is the ideal antivirus to use for personal computers. It provides protection by scanning and deleting viruses and spyware that might be present in the computer. It guarantees protection from all essential threats that might bring harm to the computer.


It has a quick installation feature and a user friendly interface. Its ability to combine the strength of two scanning engines ensures full protection of your computer. It also tends to scan every program and file when opened. This helps prevent any malware from being opened. It has a system rescue disk that can be loaded in case of a severe virus attack. It also has a silent mode at which still the user is fully protected but it will not disturb with pop ups and noises. It has a self defense system against any malware that may try and change its file system. The software runs system checks continuously in the background to ensure system protection at all times. It also has the ability to detect hidden threats by analyzing the components of each file. It has a language selection of up to 13 languages in preference to the user.


Being able to combine the strength of two search engines makes it stand out from the rest of the other anti viruses. Having a self defense system against viruses and other malware is also a unique feature that most anti viruses might not posses. The silent mode feature is also another characteristic that might deem it among the unique available similar software. Being developed to have 13 languages and be able to protect the computer against any malware makes it among the best available anti viruses.


Trustport Antivirus has received a top rating in most security tech websites. It has a free trial period available to prospective buyers. The fully functional trial period will allow the user to be able to test and rate the product according to his or her experience.


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