Trustport Antivirus for Servers

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Trustport Antivirus for Servers is a security program developed to protect server files. It offers the server protection from viruses and spyware. For servers protection of files is vital due to the connection to various computers.


The software is designed to detect any viruses or spyware that may prove dangerous to the computer. It does this by scanning any files that are being opened. If the file is infected it is repaired or deleted depending on the users settings. This ensures that the virus or software does not spread across the network. One of its key features is the ability to function without slowing down your computer. It is able to detect all viruses even those that might not be on the virus database. It does this by analyzing the program code and detecting any malware. It has a self-defense mechanism that shields its files from being changed by foreign applications. Some viruses tend to change an antivirus’ file so as to disguise and hide in the computer without being noticed but Trustport Antivirus for Servers has a self-defense mechanism against this type of malware. It gives the server application control and web filtering management options. It also has an anti spam feature. It provides the user with up to 13 languages to choose from.


The most distinguishing feature about this software is the ability to detect viruses that are not in the database. It tends to detect viruses that are not on its database but are available online this is a feature that most similar software lack. Its self defense mechanism is also rare. Most server antivirus software may tend to slow down the server but with Trustport Antivirus for Servers, it ensures normal functioning.


Trustport Antivirus for Servers has the highest virus detection in the world. This makes it to be among the best available server security software.


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