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Sometimes it happens that there are a good number of shortcuts on the desktop of the computer but the user is not able to find the particular one they needs. To solve this kind of problem and to get quick access to the contents of the PC, True Launch Bar comes as a handy solution. With its help, the workspace becomes more suitable and comfortable to use.


True Launch Bar is wholly compatible with any Quick Launch toolbar of Windows. It utilizes the similar folder intended for shortcuts. If any program puts an icon to the Quick Launch, the app even puts in the icon for the program True Launch Bar, which may be kept in the taskbar as Quick Launch. The great benefit of this app is popup list. The user can generate menus into the panel and place the shortcuts there. It will save much space on the taskbar and provide another facet in employing the taskbar.

As the latest version of this app is compatible with that of Windows 7, it supports all the features of Windows 7 comprising the aero interface. Moreover, the menus can be made semitransparent by means of the effect of new Aero Glass. Such feature functions on Windows Vista or on 7 when Aero is turned on. There are also advanced separators that assist the users to join the shortcuts into some groups within menus and also on the toolbar. This separator is just a horizontal line or a vertical line. The user can also form virtual folders on the app. While making a virtual folder, the user has to choose the content of the folder that is needed to be appeared in the menu of the toolbar. Another feature of True Launch Bar is that it supports Drag and Drop system of Windows. The shortcuts can be dragged into the toolbar with the mouse button. There are also some hot keys to open the menus as well as the shortcuts. Another special characteristic allow the user to run the shortcuts with no help of the mouse.


True Launch Bar can be compared with RocketDock (offers a clean interface to drag on the shortcuts for simple access), ObjectDock (a program that allows users to manage their shortcuts, as well as running tasks to an attractive Dock), XLaunchpad (provides a direct access to all the shortcuts), 7stacks (user-friendly, free app, which allows Windows 7 users to get stacks of icons) and XWindows Dock (a latest app launcher of Windows 7 and also Windows XP).


True Launch Bar is an advanced substitution for the Quick Launch bar. Each of the functions that are offered in case of Quick Launch, are found in True Launch bar as well. This program is well-matched with Quick Launch as it uses the similar folder designed for shortcuts. It permits several number of organizations for the files as well as programs of any type. It even vastly develops the handling of the shortcuts and keeps working space on the desktop.


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