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Tresorit is an effective tool that has been designed for sending information from the native folders over the cloud using a creative sharing facility. This tool brings the users through its intuitive surface, the important options for putting the document files, and at the same time the co-ordinated documents upon necessity. The best part is that all these can be handled just within one click.


In Tresorit, the entire file is scripted with a 256-bit AES key before uploading, and kept secured while transferring through the protected transferring tools. Meanwhile, it makes sure that the documents are secured always. Tresorit constitutes protected association specs those lets you in positioning the level of functionality; that the others need to with your documents. The users will be having the flexibility of going with the option, whether they can witness shared documents or change the parts as well. However, this application wants the users to make an account for using it.

Also, the tool is quite crucial for the professionals, as it has been made keeping the protection in mind. Users can feel secure of keeping the crucial files over the web, arranging those through the devices, and co-ordinating those with others. This application is available for Android, Windows, and iOS platforms.


Google Drive can be a very good option having similar functionality as of Tresoit. It has been designed for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Android + Tablet, Web / Cloud, Chrome OS platforms. It is a file keeping and co-ordinating option that lets users effectively make use of cloud storage. Microsoft OneDrive can be another very good option as well. This has been made for various platforms like Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Web / Cloud, Chrome OS, etc. It offers an up to the mark, over the web file keeping and sharing option in a free and sleek to handle interface. It applies one of the finest designs as well.


Tresorit is a protection offering option for co-ordinated memory system. The tool comes handy while being performed with a group of users those can distribute useful documents without depending upon any supervisor or adminstrator to carry out the process. The characteristics can be made available with absolutely high-end protection, in accordance with a nice and smooth technology that can be useful for all.


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