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TreeSize Professional is a hard disk drive Analyzer developed for Windows 32 bit or 64 bit operating systems. It’s basically a space saver tool. It can be used to do the cleanup of computer to retrieve the physical space in the computer. It does a very extrinsic analysis of the folders, drives, files and gives a very detailed report of the files stored in the computer.


This tool has an explorer kind of user interface, which is very easy to use. It is very quick, and supports multi-threading. Irrespective of the size of the drives, the software runs very fast without crashing. The main window has two tabs in the TreeSize user interface. Left hand side has the file details and the right hand side has the bar chart or pie chart of the file space utilized. It also gives the detail of a number of files, total size of the files and the allocated space of the size. The Visual representation in the way of bar charts or pie charts makes it very easier for the user to distinguish which folder takes more space.

Detail View has details of each and every file in each folder like allocating disk space of each file, full path, last modified, type of the file and compression date, with detailed information available on the files stored in the computer. It’s up to the user to customize what they wants to see in this window on the details of the files.

This tool also does the search for duplicate files. It looks for duplicate files in the entire folder or drive, which could be deleted or moved to specific folder, which could be exported to zip file for later use. Additionally, it has the option to list the age of the file in the File age tab. The user can delete the more unused older file depending on the date if it’s not of much use. It also lists the top 100 largest files on the computer in the Top 100 files tab. Reports of the scanned results can be seen in the form of charts and the results can be exported in many different formats like XLS, XML and CSV. It is also possible to take snapshots of the results for reporting purposes. It has an option to schedule tasks where the user can schedule tasks. By doing this, the tool runs automatically without user intervention.


Spacesniffer, Space monger, DaisyDisk, WinDirStat, etc., are some of the tools which are used as hard disk analyzers. However, TreeSize Professional offers much more enhanced features with more user intuitive interface, which makes it the best in this category.


Because of its drag and drop facility, easy usability and the ability to sort the files in different ways, TreeSize Professional is one of the best tools for space saving mechanism in computers.


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