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TrakAxPC is one of the most downloaded video and audio editing software. The application is easy to use, minimalistic software that any amateur with minimum computer knowledge can master. With TrakAxPC users can mix various audio files, media streaming and compose their own unique audio and video compilations. The software also enables users to create slideshows and videos that can be used in corporate training, product presentations and as instructor programs. It supports a wide range of audio and video formats normally used in media production and also has latest features like HD recording, subtitles, chapter editions, etc.


trakAxPC help users combine various audio and video into one file. The software allows multiple manipulation of the parent file to create user generated content. Users can edit and re-edit their works until they match their preferences and choices. It uses a simple software coding to enable automatic audio and video editing along with multi-channel mixing and synchronizing. During editing, videos can toggled forward and backward, audio tacks can be mixed to create remixes to create a unique set of media output that boasts of vibrancy and creativity. trakAxPC is not only easy to use but also great fun to work on as it gives ample space for the user to test their creativity traits.


TrakAxPC is designed to be compatible with computer devices as well as portable devices unlike most programs which have only system based editing enabled. The software is also available in android platform when most developers are still lingering in static computer programs. TrakAxPC is highly user friendly with simple to use interfaces and offers various audio video editing options like auto correction and adjustment, video transitions, timeline display, cool audio effects, etc. TrakAxPC also has the largest pool of supporting formats unlike its competitors that are restricted to specific set of audio video formats.


TrakAxPC is software specifically intended for media professionals and for users who are in need of easy to use audio-video editing software. It is also useful for corporate houses, who constantly feel the need to prepare slide shows and presentations from various video sources. The option to convert videos into slideshows makes it a great choice for making business presentations. Further, audio and video can be synced into one file using the software making things easy even for students who want to create an audio video theme for their school projects. The software is also apt for tech professionals, artists and engineers who want to create and edit videos of their works using a simple interface.


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