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Touchpad Blocker is an application for users who want to prevent accidental touch by palm or wrist on the touchpad of the screen while using the keyboard. This is implemented by deactivating mouse events for a short period of time when it is detected that the user is typing on the keyboard.


This software is a great for users who use touchpad instead of a mouse. It helps to prevent the cursor from jumping while typing any text on the device. Once installed, the application remains enabled on the device all the time. This application is very simple, but has many useful options given to the user. It can be automatically run at Windows startup. A time interval can be set for blocking the accidental taps and clicks in seconds. Generally the time interval is set between half a second to three seconds. There is an option to set a beep sound whenever a click is blocked. This helps the user to correct the posture and move their palm away from the device. A keyboard shortcut can be given so that the user can turn on the blocker manually when required. Hence the customizable keyboard option enables the user for painting, designing or any other gaming activities on the device.

Another key option is the enabling and disabling of a touch pad. This option holds good for touch pads manufactured by Synaptics. This software is mainly available as freeware and is compatible with any version of windows. One of the advantages of using this software is that the user can make any combination of hotkey so that it does not conflict with other hotkeys being used. While doing any documentation or text, the user can type as fast as possible since the mouse events are locked during a short period of time. Hence, for people who work on extensive documentation and reporting, it has been very useful. Another advantage of the software is that it is optimized and hence uses less memory. The application is very easy to install and can be done within seconds. Once installed, the device automatically displays the window and the user can start using it right away.


The other softwares available such as Touchpad freeze and Touchpad pal do not have the configuration options as stated for Touchpad blocker. Also in a few conditions, these softwares are not compatible with all windows versions. The Touchpad blocker is hence very user friendly and easily available.


This application comes very handy to all users who are newly getting used to laptops or notebooks and constantly getting frustrated by the scrolls and clicks caused accidentally. It is a very useful application and is placed right under the user’s hand while typing.


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