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What if someone is silently working for us to monitor everything our computer does, what threats it may face with the installed applications and the unmentioned errors, which may occur. Total Network Monitor is a software which helps to seamlessly track the accuracy of the system and monitor the computer to keep a check at its efficiency. Anything suspicious is notified to the user for further actions.


Total Network Monitor lets a user to encounter the occurrence of any undesirable situation even before it breaks down into the system. The software works in the background which notifies or alerts the user about any of the threats which may hinder the normal working of the computer, or may lead to unpredictable failures abruptly. The user is always welcome to be able to keep a check of any type of utilities or servers file systems residing in the computer, including some of them like TCP/IP, IMAP4, POP3, FTP and HTML. Internal files, registry files and event logs can be maintained too. The software contains a module called the ‘Monitor’, which are monitored and configured by the users to fine tuning, to set up some verification policies. The utilities and file systems are then kept under observation of the monitor. The monitor log keeps track of every happening in the Total Network Monitor. From messages meaning normal functioning of the system to the messages designated to notify about a possible threat, everything is kept in the monitor log. Any type of alert can be set for certain results including playing a sound, pop up message and even an email. Some other silent features are detailed logging, network map review and auto network discovery.


Nsauditor Network Security Auditor became quite popular in the field of network monitoring and scanning of the systems. It soon came to realization that anti-viruses are already there for scanning, then why such a bulky leverage. Total Network Monitor is a perfect alternative, providing continuous support for monitoring. File systems can thoroughly be searched for any faults and error stricken files. A light weight software running in background and keeping the system safe is what Total Network Monitor does.


Total Network Monitor is a technology that could be of great use in near future, though it doesn’t disappoint in the present times too. Utilities like auto network discovery, implicitly going for and detecting harmful traces of malicious files, getting rid of them is a tremendous privilege. Total Network Monitor is one of the best in its class and its usability.


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