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A common approach to internet software in recent history is what has come to be known as ‘Swiss Army’ programming. This method involves the development of all-in-one programs that gather several small solutions into a single program. This is most common in applications that involve media and file handling.


Programs that decompress one file type also work with several other variations for a convenient solution. Players that operate with one media type, include support for multiple file extensions. This approach is handy with single function programs, for a web browser however, it is a slightly new concept. The first thing you may notice about Torch Browser is the logo. It strongly resembles the Firefox logo, which may or may not be a coincidence. Torch Browser is in competition with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. The Program is based on the Chromium software package, which makes it compatible with most Chrome browser add-ons. This is where the unique differences of Torch Browser come in. Most browsers in today’s market approach functionality with an add-on based expansion option.
Through this system users can pick and choose which functions they use the most and download those as additions to the core install. This has many benefits and drawbacks. With the Torch approach these functions are built in. This means a user interface that was designed to function with these extensions. By having built in functionality the browser can be optimized for these additions and reduce compatibility issues. The downside is many users who do not take advantage of these features regularly may find them to be cumbersome or unnecessary.


The benefits of Torch are readily apparent. Instead of searching all over the internet and opening several different programs to achieve your goals, one browser supports the most popular of these in a single location. This can be a bonus to heavy internet users. If you’re accustomed to using simple browsers like Internet Explorer then Torch is probably going to be a major upgrade. As for Firefox and Chrome it is yet to be seen whether Torch will pose a serious alternative to either of these popular alternatives.
There is a bonus to having integrated and well supported features for our most common activities however, current add-ons achieve relatively the same amount of functionality with a much more personalized approach. For those short on system resources, having all the extra bells and whistles really isn’t as important as having exactly what you need when you need it.


Torch fills a valid hole in a large market. Major browser versions attempt to satisfy all users with a broad range of features and heavily customizable interfaces. Torch is more of a niche product that addresses a particular subset of that community to solve a specific problem. For that purpose it does very well and will probably enjoy a long life as a specialty product unless future updates make significant changes in the overall design.,


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  1. Seems like it’s a nice one..has lots of info! with all the inviting awesomeness of plugins being inside the browser, and nothing needed to be done there, Kinda feels like feature rich piece of software, that was pushed to production too fast and tested too little. and it’s backfiring with unfinished user interface features.. but it’s cool, it’s fresh, it’s hip and stiff, it has no freeloaders or any spywares. it’s cool to use it!!

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