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TopStyle is a program that can give support to CSS1 and CSS2. This program helps to specify the stylesheets, which are CSS1 and CSS2 compliant. It has an integral CSS style checker; the style sheet can be tested at the W3C site. It can even give warning if the style attributes are not fully supported by Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer. The styles that are built can be previewed.


TopStyle presents a lot of unique features, such as the option to upgrade the HTML files by substituting outdated markup with the same styling. HTML can also be converted to XHTML and CSS syntax can be checked against multiple browsers, with the help of a side-by-side preview. A well-balanced colors feature enables to create nice color schemes easily for any site. TopStyle Pro version offers entire site management with the integral File Explorer, the clip libraries and also resource manager; it integrates with the present Web authoring tools. It can give support to the latest editions of core standards, which drive new web experiences. All of the latest tags and properties can also be accessed. The app also includes a feature named as Box Spy, which exposes HTML elements like margin or tables or boxes. Moreover, files can now be utilized with external URLs. It denotes that the CSS files can be observed for any other sites from which one may wish to view. There is also Selectors window in the program and from here a new selector can be created. The previous selectors can be duplicated and also deleted. The window first displays element selectors, then class selectors and ultimately ID selectors.

In TopStyle, there is also a feature that helps to make an iPhone, or iPad an compatible app. It helps the file to give some helpful information regarding CSS3 strategies. Image Map is also another added feature, which gives the ability to include image maps to any image. It helps to create hotspots, which, if clicked will take the user to the other web page.


TopStyle can be compared to TextMate, which can bring Apples approach to the OS into the area of text editors. EditPad Lite is another text editor for general purpose, intended to be small and compressed, but it offers all the utilities that are expected from a basic text editor. Flux is a very highly developed HTML5 Web design app, competent to create striking sites from scratch. It is not a template-based system and has innovative design environment. Pinegrow Web Designer is another standalone desktop application for Windows and also Mac that allows to mockup and design web pages very quickly with multi-page editing, and smart components.


The unique hyper linking of TopStyle greatly simplifies the task of navigating between the documents. HTML class can be clicked to navigate to the definition of the class in any exterior style sheet. The latest TopStyle 5 comprises a new style definition in favor of CSS3. The new definition of CSS3 is powering a lot of TopStyle features.


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