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Tomahawk is a ground breaking media player that relieves users from the problems of CD ripping, device syncing, label making, etc. into more advanced issues that need to be addressed to make media playing a fun task than a chore. Further, there is also the problem of media software being too bulky or heavy riddled with a massive code that takes ages to repair or alter for slight modifications or updates. Tomahawk in its first version itself has achieved to overtake most media players in terms of design and functionality.


Tomahawk is a multi-source software model. It can play music from any platform, device or websites irrespective of the software or hardware used. Further, it is one of a kind of a program that enables users to connect with each other using social networking and communication channels like Jabber, Google Talk, Twitter, etc. Users can browse, add and play not only their own tracks but also the favorites of their tracks. Tomahawk is the “antiTunes” of music. You can find, share and discover music the existence of which you must have never known until now. It is capable of downloading metadata from lyrics using internet connectivity and also other external media players into the software easily.


On a side by side comparison with banshee, Clementine and Tomahawk, Tomahawk steals the show the look and appearance of the interface. It sports a much more modern looking interface which is not only easy to use but also boasts of a design that is similar to the much adored Mac machines. Tomahawk also has fast search functionality although Clementine has additional features like radio streaming, alphabetical search, track scoring, etc. which are amiss in Tomahawk. Being the first version the presence of bugs is also high in Tomahawk than in banshee or Clementine. However, to rank all the three tomahawk scores second just falling short of Clementine.

The developers of Tomahawk created the software out of sheer frustration from the lack of a proper media player. The existing ones according to the developers belong to a different era, perhaps before the industrial revolution when vinyl records were the trend.


Tomahawk has great promises. The initial build itself has generated much admiration from its users who consider the bugs to be part of the growing process. The free software is also a great add on since it does not dig into the pockets of users who want a great program to manage their digital music libraries without having to rely on expensive software.


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