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TimeToPhoto is a standalone Windows application that allows users to add date and time stamps, text labels and the GPS coordinates to the photos automatically. When you copy the photos to a computer, it shows the date and time at which the photo was copied to the computer and it doesn’t really show the original date and time (i.e. the date and time at which the photo was really shot). TimeToPhoto helps the users by adding this information to the photos.


Every camera stores the date, time and the GPS co-ordinates (only if the camera has a built-in GPS module) for the photos you take. This is metadata information and it is not accessible to the user. TimeToPhoto cleverly extracts this information and adds it right back to the photos you take. In addition to this, you can add any name (optional) to the photo.

TimeToPhoto has a three windowed interface. The first window shows the list of drives and folders available. The second window shows the thumbnail preview of the selected photos in that particular folder. The third window contains options for entering the information and customizing the information. The fourth window has only two options “stamp photos” and “rename/sort photos”. You can also use the “add” and “remove” options to add or remove images from/to the folders. If this application is not able to recognize the time at which the photo was taken, you can add the date and time manually from any one of the 21 available/customizable date and time formats. If you wish to add a particular text to the photo, you can add that directly by entering your own custom text in the “Text To Photo” text box.

The size, font type, font color and font style (bold, italics, underlined, shadow, outer glow of the text, date and time stamps are totally customizable. Users can also place that information on four corners of the photo by using the “arrow” option provided in this application or you can drag that around and place it anywhere in the photo i.e. just press and hold the left mouse button anywhere in the photo to place the text label. The photos in the list can be sorted by their name, size, file type and the date at which they were modified. Apart from this, TimeToPhoto provides options for adding extra metadata information such as camera maker, camera model, the shutter exposure time, focal length, ISO sensitivity information and aperture values. The photos can finally be saved in JPG format. So, this application allows you to enter the JPG quality (maximum quality is 100), and customize the GPS settings. All the stamped photos will be saved into a different folder with a name you provide, so the original photos will not be modified.


Some alternatives to TimeToPhoto are BatchPhoto and Photo Dater. TimeToPhoto has a clean and simple user interface which can be easily understood. Photo Dater is a light-weight application, i.e. there is no installation needed. The downloaded file can be opened and the photos can be directly watermarked with the text labels. However, Photo Dater doesn’t provide a preview of the stamped photos as in TimeToPhoto which is a great disadvantage. BatchPhoto has a step by step interface which is also easy to use. It also shows a preview of the stamped image. In addition to this, BatchPhoto allows the users to add more photo filters to edit the photos without having to leave the application.


If you are a professional photographer or a normal person who wishes to have the photos stamped with a date, time, and more information, this application will save your time doing that. TimeToPhoto can process all the photos at the same time (batch processing) or one by one.


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