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Often we want timed shutdown based on parameters such as browsing time or some other factors. Windows operating system has built-in task scheduler but the software is not the most simplest to use and is best served for system administrators and not normal users. This makes command line as the other option but is rudimentary and not very handy. Timed Shutdown is a simple program that gives you the capability to schedule system shutdowns based on various parameters.


The basic functionality provided by Time Shutdown is to schedule a shutdown or reboot the computer at a specific time or date in future or set a countdown timer, which on elapsing performs the desired actions. The software features a single panel user interface with target time and calendar for setting time and date, action options, which specify whether to reboot or shutdown and a forced shutdown checkbox, which on ticking will force a shutdown even if applications are running. Clicking the timer button will allow the user to set time for countdown and also set an alarm when it is elapsed before initiating the selected action. The timer can be set in days, hours, minutes, and seconds and even in HH:MM:SS format as well. On clicking the “GO!” button, the software moves to background and the action occurs at the desired time. The software is accessible from the notification area in taskbar from where it can abort which will also abort any scheduled shutdown or reboot. There is also an option where the software can be run in command line mode and is best suited for batch files (at the end after finishing a task). The software required .NET framework 2.0 installed and can run on Windows XP and up and supports both 32 and 64 bit systems.


The built-in Windows task scheduler can achieve some of it but is not easy to use. The command line shutdown command also has timed parameters but which when triggered creates an extraneous dialog box. AMP WinOFF is another automated shutdown tool for Windows, which can perform timed shutdown and even programs or tasks before commencing it. Shutter Lite is another such tool, which involves automated time shutdown as well as network interface to perform such operations for remotely connected machines. Also, Timed Shutdown can be upgraded to Time Shutdown Plus which lets the action triggers to increase to not just time but also CPU usage, volume level, network statistics, etc. making it more versatile.


Timed Shutdown does what it claims i.e. shutdown or reboot after a certain period of time, which is user configurable. The software provides adequate functionality with time specification in multiple formats and in either date mode or countdown mode. The shutdown alarm is an added utility with the ability to abort it if necessary. In addition, the forced shutdown feature is useful in controlled environments.


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