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We live in a fast paced world, and in the world of companies, which are run by lakhs of employees, and of course, it is not possible for higher authorities to keep a track of activities of each and every employee with a naked eye. Time and Attendance Plus enables a person to connect to any PC on a given network, and generate feasible reports of a particular system’s Employee hours. In other words, Time and Attendance Plus aims to get rid of the need of filling in manual hand written detailed reports of the work hours, and also saves loads of time considering filling of the records manually into a system.


The best part about Time and Attendance Plus is the fact that it is new and well off with the latest technology. It has the capability to produce live time reports of the employees and present to the people whenever required, within few moments with optimal accuracy, making Time and Attendance Plus a great advantage over the traditional manual method. The software produces quick and up to the mark accountant records every week in regular intervals. The guidelines can be defined accordingly, and payroll records can be generated which can facilitate the abiding of company’s laws and payroll privacy regulations. Any person interested in their progress can check the amount of time dedicated to a project and the subsequent attendance in the company for a particular period of time.

Additionally, Time and Attendance Plus has been developed keeping in mind for various types of reports that might be needed out of it. Data can be created out of reports and be stored in various different formats, and so is the case with reports. Records and reports can be created in Microsoft Office and similar programs.


Software which can perform such functions and ease down the pressure of handling manual attendance and data records deserve not to be compared, as not many are available presently in the market. Time and Attendance Plus has made a cut in a new field and has brought quite a many positive results. The software runs fine without any hiccups.


Time and Attendance Plus is undoubtedly a great software, especially for a large organization, where large amounts of data and records about the employees have to be stored. The software cuts down the use of manual entry of data, thus saving great deal of time and money. It is a moderate sized software with exclusive capabilities to generate monthly employee reports.


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