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TicketCreator is professionally designed software to create tickets for various events. It helps to print tickets, which includes details such as seat number, row, event name, venue details and serial numbers. The TicketCreator lets you create and print tickets as in various designs and details.


The software is designed to create tickets easily. The main purpose of the software is to create a ticket using all aspects of the details under one tool. The user can choose what information should or should not be included while creating and printing these tickets.

The TicketCreator can be used for making tickets for various events such as cinemas, plays, orchestra and other socially inclined events as well. The addresses of the prominent venue are included in the software as well. Apart from this a new location can be configured easily with all the necessary details that are required by the software. There is no limit set so the user can create unlimited location. With the help of this application, tickets can be printed with the details mentioned such as the row, seat number and venue details. It also helps to edit and change ticket layouts using the images, text and different color patterns as well. Not only that the application is geared to even edit and create events and can also help the user add other defined messages by the user. The creator can create tickets and also mention special prices for special seats and regular prices for regular ones. The software allows exploring different aspects of ticket creation and gives the user a wide variety of selections. Another striking feature of the software is that the data can be migrated or downloaded in excel format which can come very handy at the time of reservations.

TicketCreator also generates a seating chart automatically and helps to even give a clear picture of actual reservations and sales as well. Also, the ticket can be created with the safety measure by using the Barcode option which is included in the software as it will help to provide more reliability.


Ticket Printing and TicketMeister are software’s which work on similar concept, however, they don’t cover the concept of ticket printing on broad sense. Ticket printing, print tickets only for lottery, whereas TicketMeister print tickets on sample basis for various concepts. As compared to the above mentioned application TicketCreator covers most scenarios and events for ticket generation and seems to be more beneficial since it is not restricted to a specific concept.


TicketCreator is solely here for creating various tickets and it serves the purpose as well. Its functions are widely based and provide options to create these tickets in a different and creative manner. It can prove helpful for a lot of professionals who work in the field of events as it also displays an analysis of various sales and reserving tactics.


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