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Thumbs Plus is an application which helps a user to create thumbnails of images, animation files, clip arts, graphic files and fonts. The files can be easily accessed, organized and edited by users. The program supports external editors for image editing.


Thumbs Plus organizes images, media files, folders and other graphical files by creating thumbnails. It helps in organizing, categorizing, storing and editing these files. The application has a user-friendly interface and has incorporated menu bar, shortcut buttons, preview panels, thumbnails, metadata and folder tree view. The program has useful help files which can be referred to while using the software and is easy to understand even for new users.

ThumbPlus supports TPDB8S, ODBC and MDB databases. The thumbnails can be customized by the users along with the fields for categories, sort and search options. The application allows processing of multiple images through batch processing options. It supports digital watermarking, viewing and extraction of EXIF data and storing it in the user fields. The editing tools of the application remove photographic red eye and support arbitrary zoom percentage. The images can be selected from the folder tree structure or can be directly dragged and dropped from the thumbnail view.

Files can be edited by adjusting the colour levels, balance and depth. Other edits such as insertion of stamps and watermarks, inverting colours, resizing and cropping of images are also supported by the application. The current version of the application is ThumbPlus Version 9.1 build 3938 SP1. The Beta 3 version of 9.2 Build 3943 is also available. The software can be used to log in to the Facebook accounts directly and the photos in the Facebook accounts can be browsed and updated. The application supports 64 bit and 32 bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.


Easy Thumbnails is an application similar to ThumbPlus. It has a graphical user interface which is intuitive and simple to operate. It generates thumbnails of individual images or set of images from a folder. It supports batch processing feature. The program supports editing of images by managing the colour levels, brightness and contrast management options. RightThumb is another useful thumbnail creating software which supports creation of thumbnails by right clicking on the files.


Thumbs Plus is a highly useful and effective application which can be used to organize images in an easy manner. It helps organize images and graphical files along with useful information. This makes accessing the files easy and can be retrieved in no time. The user interface and help files enable even new users to understand and use the program efficiently.


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