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If you want to add an extra effect in the image that you capture, TexToPix is the one to install on your PC. All you have to do is just take some text and choose any picture that you like to imitate. The software will automatically generate an image, which looks like the picture when seen from a distance and when you look from close, it is possible to visualize each and every text in the image and even read that text.


TexToPix allows you to generate halftone, color or black-and-white images created from the text of your choice. It is easy to use the application and it is highly interactive software. There will be immediate preview of the pictures with each change in setting. Huge numbers of presets are available to provide all the settings for a specific type of image just with a click. It is even possible to save the images that are created from the TexToPix as vector-based PDF files or even as raster JPEG images.

The first step involves the defining of the text fragment that will be used in forming the text image. It can be anything from the name of a person or just an interesting phrase, where you want to send this image. You will be able to set all the preferences of the font style yourself. It is possible to view the results right on the main window of the program. You will be able to easily save the text image that you have created as a graphic file so that you can use it in future. You should have no problems in using the software because the program contains a detailed help file, which will provide you with all required information about how to use it.


TexToPix has an advanced approach as compared to most of the other ASCII-Art image programs for example, BG_ASCII. The main differentiation is that you are never restricted with any size of faces. You can get the desired results when you have TexToPix on your computer. You may create images of any type and any color. Unlike other software of the same category, you can save the resultant image in TexToPix either as a vector based Windows metafile (.wmf) or as a raster image file.


Whenever you download an application or software package you will be elated.¬†TexToPix¬†is also one such software that can make you really ecstatic. It’s a wonderful little piece of program that is not only intuitive and easy to use, but also it really delivers what you are looking for.


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