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TextCrawler software for Windows is, simply put, a utility for working with text files. This powerful piece of software enables you to find and replace words, phrases, sentences, etc. in not only a single file, but also gives you the ability to perform the same functions with multiple files and/or multiple folders.


The first and foremost mentionable feature of TextCrawler is its ability to allow you to search, insert, replace and delete text across multiple files with ease. You just enter the folder/file(s) location, put in the text you want to find or replace and click the corresponding button and voila, it’s done.

The search engine embedded in this software is quite optimized so the search results are out in a jiffy no matter how large the file/files is/are. Another worthy feature and probably a very important one is that you can perform all the regular text functions with ‘Regular Expressions’ as well. Moreover, it has a Regular Expression testing tool too. It stores all the previously searched texts and regular expressions for future reference.

To add further to the functionality of this powerhouse, the developers have made it completely compatible with Unicode i.e. you can search for ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16 and many more such encodings. And for all of you who work with Fuzzy logic, it also lets you perform Fuzzy Search as well. The Preview function allows you to preview the changes you’ve made to make sure what you want is what you are getting, prior to permanently saving it. The Extractor ability lets you rip a text into a file without having to manually copy it from one file to another.


Funduuc Search and Replace, iXoftTexFinderX, Aba Search and Replace, InfoRapid Search & Replace, etc are a few applications that could give TextCrawler a run for its money.

TextCrawler is a complete freeware whereas Funduc Search and Replace and Aba Search and Replace are proprietary of Funduc Software, Inc and Aba Software respectively; so you have to loosen your pockets a bit if you need to go for the latter. Very few competitors provide the Regular Expression functionality that TextCrawler provides. However, Funduc Search and Replace gives you the option to search for archive files, specifically .zip files, without the need to extract the files. Also, Replacement tables are not a feature of TextCrawler but are found in IXoftTexFinderX.


TextCrawler is a great software. You can definitely go for it for your text replacement and search needs. Also, the searching archives feature would really enhance the functionality of the software. Unlimited undo would also be a great add on.


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