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Tencent Messenger is a very simple and lightweight tool that not only has its unique, colorful side to instant messaging, but also it has created much user friendly interfaces with its icons, original statuses and symbols. The colorful bluish style of the tool instantly catches the user’s eye.


There’s something more that grabs the attention regarding this instant messaging software. Firstly, it has all the basic options for meeting the minimum basic needs such as file sharing, audio and video calls, photo sharing, or ID and e-mail searching functions.

Tencent Messenger provides an unread message section, so that that it can convey every message to the user received folder during the offline phase, making sure of no data loss. Default statuses are provided for rapidly telling your friends about your status, whether you are available for chatting or busy in some other work. Tencent Messenger also provides two implicit statuses that separate themselves from the usual panel.

For example, Statuses like ‘Q Me’ and ‘Mute’ puts some interest to the business letting people know whether the user is available for chatting or not.  It also has Remote Assistance, which is an important feature that allows the user to connect to a remote computer using the keyboard or mouse.

All in all, Tencent Messenger is not only an eye candy for regular or frequent users of instant messaging service, but it also provides a series of very useful features in a comprehensive interface.


It is been reported that Tencent messengers surpasses other messaging tools with its own catchy colored reputation. The Tencent messenger has definitely created a whole new experience of messaging. These days it has become easier enough to find any kind of messengers or chatting service in the software market. However Tencent messenger makes it sure that its will have a totally new experience that will force users to stick with this service.

With its colorful alignment and unique features it has created much popularity in the market. In a head on collision with all the giants, this messaging tool has proved its effectiveness and attractive features to let others face a big time competition. It is likely to dominate the market henceforth.


Tencent messenger is one of the software which will bring spice and add colors to the user’s World of social networking. Its reliable settings and options allow the user to enjoy their privacy along with having fun. Now social networking is redefined with the launch of such interesting software.


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