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Throughput testing is helpful at the time of network deployments, modifications, and troubleshooting. The performance can be scaled and the bottlenecks may be found out to make certain that the speeds as well as the bandwidth, which is required, are obtained. There are a lot of network testing tools found in the market and one of them is TamoSoft Throughput Test.


TamoSoft Throughput Test is an application for testing the functioning of a wireless system or wired network. Such utility constantly delivers TCP as well as UDP data streams all over the network and calculates essential metrics, such as the different throughput values, and the round-trip time. It then shows the outcomes in numeric system and also the chart formats. The software supports IPv4 as well as IPv6 connections and even gives the permission to assess network performance basing on the settings of Quality of Service.

To carry out a throughput test, the software employs two components- one is server and another is a client. The former component of the application takes note of connections from the later one- the client, while the client links to the server. When the connection has been set up, both the components send data in all directions, whereas the client section of the application works out and exhibits the network metrics. For the installation of the app both the stated parts are installed. Any one of them can be run based on how the test is planned to be performed. In any WLAN system, the server part must be operated on the wired portion of the network, whereas the client part must be operated on a WLAN client. For such kind of an arrangement, downstream will be a data flow from wired part of the network with the access spot to the client, and the upstream will be data flow from client with an access point to wired side.

The server component of the app has just two configurable choices- the port over which it takes note of incoming links and the network protocol. In case of the client component, only the port number that is used for linking the server needs to be specified.


TamoSoft Throughput Test is quite similar to Ix Chariot, which is one of the enterprise-level network analyzing tools and it can suggest real-world network settings and apps at the transport level. NetStressĀ is also a free of charge Windows-related throughput testing application that offers a lot of other network tools as well. Iperf is another open source and also cross-platform, throughput testing device. It runs on a variety of platforms such as Windows PC, Linux and also on UNIX.


TamoSoft Throughput Test is totally free software. It facilitates in delivering calibrated signals leading to much perfect measurements. When the responses are received, these data may be signified in detail. The graphical interface of this app will show a graph that can be used to get precise information on the connection status.


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