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A huge music collection is really a favorite thing to all individuals. But if it is stored in hard drive, then it may be difficult to organize. Placing the whole thing in individual folders may be accomplished; however if it is the matter of basic information regarding a track’s, album or anything, one would require specialized software for editing this information. In this case, the app TagScanner is very useful. It will interpret any tag info, enable to edit it, change the name of the files and many more.


TagScanner is compatible with almost all of the versions of Windows and one can apply it on different audio as well as tag formats. Among the major feature of the software, the most notable ones are the music renamer, the tag processor and editor in addition to the list maker. The app allows the shift from one feature to the other through clicking on the navigation tab, available on the interface.

TagScanner automatically examines all of the contents of a drive after indicating it and loads just the supported files within the main window. Such operation can take some moments, basing on the volume of the things, and any preferred song may be loaded within an integral audio player. Information of the audio folders with some missing tags can also be acquired from their related CUE folders or any online sources. Cover art may be imported as well as exported, while chosen folders can be copied and shifted to some other folders.

In order to assist a bulk-renaming job, it is essential to make scripts with rules. This software has a number of preset profiles arranged for the text conversion, enabling the user to alter the properties of profile or make new ones through custom settings. When it is the task of file renaming, the tool may take into consideration one or several fields of tag. It is also achievable to reorganize files on the disc on the basis of the tag information and automatically move these to a preferred location on computer. One can also delete the empty folders or clip the file names in order that they may fit maximum length character.


One of the alternatives of TagScanner is Mp3tag, which is a potent but accessible tool to change metadata of general audio formats. Picard is another MusicBrainz tagging app. Its new tagging idea is album based. EasyTAG is the similar utility to view and edit the tags. Tag&Rename is also a music files tag editor, which easily manages all accepted digital audio formats. Jaikoz is also a tagger, which specializes in tagging of a music file tags. It executes matching of acoustic fingerprint and metadata lookups in automatic.


TagScanner is the program that helps in organizing the ID3 tags efficiently. The labels can be edited with quite minimal effort. It allows searching and using data from the database like online music. Although the software is freeware, it consists of a lot of various tools.


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