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A well organized collection of media files is every user’s priced possession. This can only be possible if user has an application that supports them to manage it. One such helpful application is Tag and Rename which allows user to manage their media files easily without ant fatigue. It also has the capability of multiple renames, batch edit and tags insertion which make it a must have application for all users. Tag and Rename easy and user-friendly interface makes it super easy for novice or professionals to use it with ease.


Tons of music files were present on a user’s computer system in several folders and condition become troublesome for users when they search a single file from this vast database. This creates need of a manager application, which can perform these tasks easily. Tag and Rename is that application providing the facility for user to organize music files. On the startup user will find a well-mannered application providing various customizable option if user want to change it according to their preference. Also, as the name suggest, user can add tags as well as rename a music file according to their need. These tags include title, album, genre, comments and many more. User can also search any music file within the database and can sort their search on the basis of these tags. Also with the help of this application user can add several music files in its library with just one single click and user can listen to music in parallel, which is another exciting feature. Another important feature of this application is that it enables user to do renaming of multiple files all at once, which is a best feature so far as user won’t find it in any other application. Tag and Rename also provides the facility of exporting music files to other library if user wants to listen it there. This application also allows user to add a cover art for a dedicated file as well as give it a track number so that user can use it while playing the files automatically. It also downloads all the required information of a music file. Tag and Rename comes in a pretty user friendly interface having easy operating mechanism and thus all users whether professional or novice can handle it easily and comfortably. Also, it is a light weighted application so that user can operate other application in parallel.


Some of the alternatives present in the market, which provide same functioning as Tag and Rename are mP3Tag, Reezaa MP3 Tag Editor and MP3 Tag Express. But the variety of useful features coming with this application gives it priority over these alternatives. Some of these features are tag insertion, search capability, exporting music files, well mannered and customizable options to perform various tasks.


Tag and Rename has a user friendly interface and well mannered functioning so that user finds it easy to operate. Additionally, the features it possesses makes it a must have application for all users looking for a music manager.


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