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There has been an upsurge in development of computer applications, driver packages, and extension files, etc. which are aimed at improving the working efficiency of the computer. Often there are prompts for downloading such packages to improve performance. While there is uplift in increasing performance, lagging of PC occurs alongside. To stabilize the performance of the PC, this application System Explorer Portable has been engineered to provide ultimate management and improvement.


System Explorer Portable has an arsenal of system analyzing tools for benefitting of the PC. Since it’s a freeware, therefore all the features are unlocked in the rudimentary package, allowing the customers to avail the maximum benefit from the software. The features of System Explorer Portable are enumerated as follows:

  • It highlights lucidly about the multiple tasks, startups, processes, connection drivers and other files that are providing performance and consuming the RAM while the PC is working.
  • It detects the malicious files using VirusTotal and provides quarantine measures for speedy recovery of the database files.
  • An analyzed graphical representation is available for monitoring the various services in the database.
  • While upgrading the software to fix the bugs, it preserve the customized settings of the software in the PC thereby prevents re-customization.
  • The recent version of the software has been incorporated with a feature that links the running process with internet, thus helps in accessing information about such processes from Google.
  • The software has a cache memory that preserves the working history of the previous 10 days separately under dated folders.
  • Incorporation of the ScreenCourier feature eases in sharing the screenshots, which is beneficial for detecting errors and fetching advices from experts over the web.
  • The software has a feature for monitoring the battery status, prompting for closing of the unwanted drivers and processes, which is highly functional for extending the longevity of the battery, especially for laptops.


While many software like Windows Task Manager are available for monitoring the PC performance, yet this software has gained international acclamation owing to its’ extended features and improved lucid interface for safeguarding the PC efficiently. Certain features like Improved Network, Disk Analysis, etc are present in the software, thereby making it popular than the others.


System Explorer Portable provides many advantages under single software unlike others which don’t possess such integration of drivers and features. Since it has a big linguistic package and available freely, it is used by millions across the globe, producing an international reputation for it. System Explorer Portable works diligently to manage all the exhaustive process and drivers thereby providing smooth uninterrupted performance during working.


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