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Synergy+ is a highly effective mouse and keyboard sharing application that allows uses to share a common mouse or keyboard among several computers on a network. The program allows for easily performing several activities between different computers such as transferring of the files, copying and pasting. The movement of mouse from one computer to another is easy.


Synergy+ is an efficient application for sharing of keyboard and mouse among the various computers on a computer network and even on computers connected to each other through TCP/IP. The application has a simple mode of operation where the users need to simply move their mouse pointers beyond their screens to either directions and access the screens of other computers.

When controlling the screens of other computers through the mouse or the keyboards moved to those computer screens, the control of the main mouse and keyboard allows the users to return to their main screen. For returning the control of mouse and keyboard to the main computer screen, users simple need to move them back to the main screen.

The application helps users to perform several operations such copying and pasting files from one computer to another and transferring the files among the various connected computers. The application needs to be installed on all the computers which the users want to be connected for using a common mouse and a keyboard. They can move their own mouse and keyboard controls to other computers by moving them to another computers on the network or take control of these devices on another computer by specifying the host names of these computers.

The amount of time for which the devices are to be shared can also be specified by the users. The users can also configure the keyboard shortcuts. The application once installed on all the computers which are to be shared, needs to be configured to specify the operations to be performed by it. Synergy has a simple and intuitive interface and hence the program can be easily operated even by new users. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


ShareMouse is an application similar to Synergy+. The application allows users to share their mouse and keyboards between various computers on their computer system network. The application has a simple procedure and as the users move their mouse to the edge of their screens, the mouse pointer jumps to the other shared computers. It does not require clicking any button or pressing a key. The application allows users to share files between the various computers by allowing them to be copied from one computer and pasting on another.


Synergy+ is a high utility application which enables users to easily control several computers using a single mouse and keyboard. This makes sharing and moving of files from one computer among these computers in an easy manner. The application needs to be installed on all the computers which are to be accessed from a single device.


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