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The name “Syncless” pretty much lives up with the way it handles synchronization. Conventionally the file synchronization involves making a task by arranging folder sets and initiating synchronizing. However, Syncless manages the job absolutely by implementing the folder tag concept. It works well with Windows XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit platforms.


The tag principle in this application has been implemented by prominent tools in several technically enchanting ways. You must have come across with the term tag through the social media platforms for attaching your friends with any message or photos. In addition, the blog platforms let users for tagging articles like a kind of categorization. Basically the factor that makes the tagging useful, as it is quite simple concept that anyone performs while linking phrases or ideas with concerned group. Hence, going through this easy and sleek way of file synchronization, one can smoothly able to co-ordinate folders by just making various folders tagged along the same one. Through the process of this whole job can be facilitated in a flawless and hassle free manner. A stack of folders within one tag are frequently put in sync spontaneously in common practice through the application Syncless. It doesn’t demand any kind of necessity for user interference.

To facilitate the job you simply need to tag the folders you want to be coordinated with the same tag, and the Syncless tool takes care of everything else. The best part is that distinguishes it from the other is its ability to tag many folders. Usually other similar options can deal with one or a couple at maximum. However, this application handles the synchronization process for the multiple folders automatically in any later usage as well. Also, it provides the clear picture of the complete process. And this application takes only 1.1 MB of your system resource.


SyncBack is a good choice having similar functionality. It has been made for Windows platforms. This synchronization tool can efficiently offer back-up as well to the files apart from Synchronization and works with same or other external drives, and even over any local server. Synkron can be another option on this regard. It works well with Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. The best part about the application is that it involves a very intuitive interface.


Syncless is a great tool that lets the user with the option of configuring specific tags to screen the file types to add or remove. The latest edition brings option of going through Syncless from Startup. You can find the option from Settings part. There has been a latest tab made available for notification in settings panel.


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