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Dealing with Apple devices isn’t always easy and iTunes might be the only given option from Apple but sometimes it doesn’t work out as it’s supposed to. However, there’re plenty of alternatives as Apple devices’ manager but handful of them just brag and aren’t good for anything. Among the very few that really aids the users to sync, Syncios is one of them. It’s a very small and intuitive program to deal with.


The features of Syncios are pretty basic and they convey in the greater interest of the users. Also, it offers a whole new way of dealing with your Apple devices without the requirement of iTunes. Before installing this program, users must be aware of installing the device driver from Apple and dealing with softwares and programs other than iTunes and can lead to warranty failure. But, Syncios is a great software that didn’t receive any kind of complaint regarding device failure.

  • Transferring and Syncing Tool

The name says it all. This program features in syncing the files between PC and iDevices like iPhone, iPad or iPod. It allows the users to transfer apps, videos, photos, ringtone, music, playlists, ebooks and lots of other files from PC to iOS device or from iOS device to PC. It works like iOS manager and it works are pretty similar to iTunes. However, it provides a lot of additional features and can work with multiple iOS devices simultaneously. It works like a fully-functional iTunes except for the restoring or recovering feature of iOS devices.

  • Intuitive Design and Easy to Use UI

It is represented within a very neat platform. It comes with basic features to connect, maintain and manage the devices. It gives the users options to choose backup or restore files in various formats. Within a few minutes of use, users can grasp the nook and corner of this program and how to effectively use it.

  • Bonus: Free Video Downloader

As a bonus feature, this program enables the users to download free videos from 100+ websites and send them to their iOS device. Additionally, it also lets the users to download free ringtone, wallpaper, games and apps.


There’re not many free program that deals as an iOS device manager. CopyTrans Manager and i-Funbox is two free program that are pretty good alternatives to Syncios. However, both of these alternatives are more famous than Syncios but their premium features are available for a price whereas Syncios offers free service.


In overall, Syncios is an amazing alternative to iTunes and it saves a lot of hassle to jail breaking the iOS device in order to sync and transfer files between PC and Apple devices.


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