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Synchronization of data and its backup is an important requirement of any user rather than copying it here and there without any security. Synchromagic Pro is an important application of such type which provide user to synchronize all of its data and files. This synchronization can be done either on a Local area network or on FTP. The application helps to synchronize data both directly and indirectly with many other features like silent mode synchronization, backing up, synchronization report and automatic shutdown after completion.


Synchromagic Pro is an application that provides user to synchronize all the data present on a computer. This application not only help user to copy files from one place to another but also to backup those files. Silent mode is also an important feature of the application that enable user to synchronize their files without any interruption and corruption of those files. Synchromagic pro provide the possibility to backup data either on local area network or on internet and can backup entire hard drive. This application also help user to create a disaster recovery of files. Many other important tasks can be performed on the click of a button with the help of the user friendly interface of the application as the user can easily understand its function without any difficulty. Synchromagic Pro provide user to locate where the data is being backed up and also show allocation of the space on the directory. This application also helps the user to include or exclude those synchronized files. With every new task the user can specify the source folder as well as the destination folder on same screen.

This application also provides real time synchronization of the data files i.e. either the user can select the data for synchronization or the application itself synchronizes the data in real time. Another important feature of the application is that whenever the changes done in source folder during the time of synchronization will automatically reflected in the destination folder. Automatic shutdown after synchronization as well as the detailed report of the synchronization is also some of the important feature attached with the application that makes it important for the users. Synchromagic Pro is available with a 30 days free trial version and supports all operating system of Windows.


Some of the other application that has same functioning like that of Synchromagic Pro is IObit Unlocker, Ignition and Unlocker. But the reliable and easy operating functions make Synchromagic Pro more useful than any other application of such kind. No other application can help user to synchronize their data in real time. Also, Synchromagic Pro matches all the system requirements without affecting user’s computers performance.


Synchromagic Pro is a useful and light weighted application that helps user to synchronize their data way more effectively. It’s simple operations and user friendly interface makes it more reliable and handy for the users using it for the first time.


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