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Data backup and synchronization is an important aspect for all computer users. SyncBackSE is an application that provides user this facility to synchronize data, backup their files and keep all files and data secure. This application also helps the user to protect their data from being corrupted or lost during the backup. Also, multiple backups, online data storage, single click backup are some more features that made this application more useful for the users.


Having an application that take care of your data and synchronize it with you is an advantage for the user. Thus SyncBackSE is the application that helps users in this important task of backing up their data and synchronizes it with the user when needed. Its simple interface and to the point design is helpful for the user to easily understand its operations. User can backup data on a click of option without getting confused. This application provides data synchronization not only on the user’s computer but also on the hard drives, removable disks or online services. It also provides the facility of backing up data on multiple locations. SyncBackSE enables the user to schedule the backup at regular time intervals. The application is also useful as it enables the user to operate more than one task in parallel. It’s easy operating mechanism and built in help contents is advantageous for the user interacting with the application for the first time. The application comes in a package of two useful wizards i.e. the profile wizard that enables user to backup and synchronize data while the restore wizard help to get the files back. Another important feature of SyncBackSE is specific customization which helps user to prefer synchronization according to need. With the help of this application user can synchronize data either on CD or on DVD by disk spanning phenomenon. AES encryption and ZIP archive are some other important features attached with this application that make it useful one for the users. This application does not affect computer performance. Also, SyncBackSE keep all information regarding the backups so that user can check it anytime.


Some other application that provides same functioning like that of SyncBackSE is 4Shared and GeniusConnect. But fast synchronization speed, user friendly interface and easy operating mechanism make SyncBackSE more useful application when compared to other of its kind. SyncBackSE is a light weighted application which does not affect the system’s performance so that user can easily operate other tasks during the backup. Also, AES encryption feature that provide data security is an advantage for the user going for this application.


SyncBackSE is a useful application for the user who wants to synchronize and backup their data more securely on a single click. This application will also help the user by protecting the data from getting corrupted. Multiple backup, schedule synchronization, data backup logs are some of the important features that make SyncBackSE more reliable.


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