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SyncBack Free is a highly efficient data backup and synchronisation application. The program enables users to create backup copies of files and folders, select the source and destination folders and synchronise them. This results in creating an exact backup of the original files and folders and updating the backup files whenever there is any change in the original files.


SyncBack Free is a useful tool for creating backup copies of files and folders and synchronising the backup data with the source data. The synchronisation helps with immediate updates to the backup files and folders as soon as any changes are made to the source files.

Users can select the source as well as destination folders and the backups are saved in these selected destination folder. The application allows users to determine what type of action would be taken for each files. Users can specify how the old and new files are to be processed. For instance, it can be specified at what frequency the backups of the files can be taken and the synchronisation schedule. Similarly, when a new file is created, when should the application create a backup can also be specified.

The program also allows users to specify which files are to be masked and which should be excluded from the process. The application compares the original source and backup destination files on the basis of file size and creation as well as modification dates to detect any changes which might have been made to the files. Also, there is an option to use MD5 checksum, which helps in detecting even very small changes, which are made to the files. The program can be configured to support projects which are scheduled, creating Zip and FTP compressions of the backup files and folders, simulation runs and network logins. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


FBackup is an application similar to SyncBack Free. The application allows users to take backups of their files and customize their backup schedule. The backups can be synchronized with the original files and the files can be backed up on external drives, USB devices and also on other computers on the network.


SyncBack Free is a high utility tool for taking backups of the files and folders and synchronisation of these backups with the original data. The application can be configured to update the backups as soon as any changes, no matter how minor changes are made to the original files. Users can schedule the backup activities and mask or exclude certain specific files.


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