Symantec Ghost Solution Suite

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The Symantec Ghost Solution Suite is a popular software utility for computer imaging, deployment and systems management. The term “Ghost” is an acronym for “general hardware-oriented system transfer”.

The imaging software provides backup for the operating system as well as enabling users to work through system failures, installation problems and certain spyware attacks. The suite is a valuable archiving tool, saving time, space and money, and the utility serves as a failsafe to protect files and images from getting lost.


The versatility of hardware independent imaging is a key feature of the Symantec Ghost Solution Suite, achieved with Symantec’s DeployAnywhere technology. Also notable is migration task capability, handled through a single centralized management console. Another nice set of features are the built-in inventory filters that identify and target machines that are Windows 7 ready. “Hot imaging” allows users to create base images from live systems, meaning there is no down-time waiting for images to load.


The most direct competition with the Symantec Ghost Solution Suite comes from the Acronis True Image backup system, though Ghost imaging has a friendlier interface and performs much better at calculating backup and restoration times. There are a number of freeware products available but they are all a few quality steps down from either True Image or Ghost, and none can match the features and functionality of Ghost technology.


Drive imaging utilities are a must for many businesses and they are a definite plus for individual users, making the Symantec Ghost Solution Suite a solid choice for consumers. The ability to back drives and restore corrupted files can save a lot of headaches, and the organizational qualities of the utility have proven their worth.

There is no freeware that compares to Ghost technology, and Ghost has a more comfortable feel than True Image. Drive imaging is a bit like insurance in that it demonstrates its value when misfortune hits. The ability to protect and recover images and data is worth the price of the utility.


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