Symantec Endpoint Protection

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Symantec EndPoint Protection is the leading product when it comes to antivirus software. It provides a unique layered service that protects the system from many areas at the same time, defending it from known threats and new ones with the most revolutionary antivirus agent in the market. It is much faster, smarter and requires fewer system scans than other products, making it the unrivaled software for virus protection today.


This powerful antivirus offers new scanning systems such as Shared Insight Cache and the amazing Virtual Image Exception, which save time when dealing with virus threats and information loss. Symantec Insight and its exclusive SONAR system are included in this antivirus software, protecting the computer from viruses old and new in seconds. It works in both Windows and Mac computers, plus Linux and virtual environments as well.


Symantec EndPoint Protection rises over any other competitor due to its database strength and innovative antivirus protection offered in layers, which provide a comprehensive service that no others can offer. While other services analyze the sames files over and over with each scan, this software recognizes safe files and scans the rest, saving time and optimizing the system’s performance.


Symantec EndPoint Protection is the undisputed leader in antivirus software, with an extensive database and multiple protection services that provides the user with fast and effective solutions to threats and viruses. This software outperforms all other antivirus agents in the market and with a company as well-known as Symantec it is a guaranteed success.


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