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Sylpheed not only possesses a pleasurable name, but it pleases all the users with its service as email client. It supports different version of Windows like 2000 and version XP as well as Vista. The support of International language including Unicode has made Sylpheed indeed a perfect email client system


Sylpheed is a very compact email client intended to tackle the email messages from several accounts. It allows the users to receive and comprehend their emails in any Windows app rather than employing the browser. This program includes a flexible interface, which offers quick entrance to all the email files, message content as well as email actions. The design of the major window in addition to the toolbar buttons can be altered in order to go with the preferences of the users. The users can add various POP3 or also IMAP accounts and arrange their messages by making some mailboxes. An account wizard can give a one-step arrangement for Gmail accounts and directs the user through all the necessary steps. Though it has a small track, this email client is equipped with all the crucial features necessary by casual as well as power users.

Additionally, It comprises threaded views, fast search along with message flags, sophisticated message filters and some helpful roles. If one is concerned about spam mails as well as junk emails, the app- Sylpheed has flexible junk controls and enables the user to apply external commands to make up the email filters. In addition to this, one can generate our own controls for blocking or deleting the suspected messages. The built-in Address Book can automatically trap the emails from all sent messages and lets the users to identify nicknames for fast filling the regularly used addresses. One can also make email templates, which permit to form messages with only few clicks. The program loads emails in simple text and comprises keyboard shortcuts in order to scroll, flag, and also move messages.


The alternatives of Sylpheed are Thunderbird (It is a free and even open source advanced instant messaging client), Outlook, of Microsoft Office (This is a private information manager to allow one to deal with your e-mail, agenda, contacts, in addition to tasks), Evolution (It is the authorized personal information director and workgroup data management device for GNOME. It merges electronic mail, calendar, contact book, plus task list management roles) and Postbox (It is not an open source but it offers powerful latest ways to locate, use, and see the email messages and content).


Sylpheed is full free of cost service which acts for lifetime. An individual can deliver, download and receive limitless and all kinds of e-mails or messages with no obstruction of data corruption or such others. This very accepted and easy to use Internet utility and mails service which assists all in mail-box or every critical situations and troubles which are associated to the emails, is extremely a great software that can make every work expedient.


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