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Screensavers are a common feature found in most PCs. Custom screensavers are available in dime a dozen in the Internet but they cannot be further modified and are rigid in nature. Windows as such does not provide a default tool to create screensavers. Swiff Saver is a screenshot packaging facility that can package screenshots with default installers as well.


Swiff Saver is a dialog driven software that presents a dialog box with appropriate options during each step of the screensaver generation. The software basically packages Flash animated contents as a screensaver with a dedicated installer and an uninstaller. The contents can be encrypted so that any form of extraction is not possible. The installer supports password protection with an embedded “display properties”. The installer also supports License information and control over addition to start menu items. Custom icons can be added and additional files as well in the installable package. Launch specific and post installation files like HTML or CHM files, URL links and README files. The screensaver can automatically be set as the default one-post installation. Flash contents can have interactive elements and volume can be configured along with movie playback quality. Full screen and stretched full screen modes are supported with fully configurable mouse and keyboard actions. Mouse cursors can be customized as well. The screensaver can be customized to wake up to password screen as well. The software supports packaging for 95, 98, 2000, ME, and Windows XP. Apart from these, there is also support for 10 different languages. The flash content embedded is however without the flash player itself and requires client installation.


On Windows, there is plenty of screensaver software that can be used. My Screensaver Maker is one of the popular ones and supports screensaver creation from photos, flash contents, videos and websites. This makes it arguably more versatile in nature. However, Swiff Saver comes with way more installation options and the installer can be customized along with a custom installable payload delivery to the client, which can contain any number of files. Ultra Screen Saver is yet another alternative and can export directly to SCR or as an installer with support for various transition effects for the photos. This makes the software more versatile in bling but does not have the wide language support as in Swiff Saver provides nor interactive Flash contents.


Swiff Saver is a small and useful utility to create screensaver superfast from Flash contents with interactive elements. The installer is infinitely customizable with custom files, start menu entries and license and README files. The screensaver also supports password protection and encryption of contents so that the actual content cannot be ripped off the executable installer. There is also support for custom keyboard and mouse actions as well.


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