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Converting SWF or FLV flash video files according to their use is every users priced possession and for this the only thing they need is an application which helps them to accomplish this task. SWF Toolbox is that useful application by which user can convert SWF, FLV and EXE files into videos, images and other formats according to their use easily and comfortably. User can import a file by either using browse option or can go for drag and drop method. This applications comes in a user friendly GUI which makes user to use it without any confusion.


Converting SWF, FLV or flash video files is a handy task and it can be only possible if user has a dedicated application which allows them to process this conversion. One useful application is SWF Toolbox which enables user to convert SWF, FLV or EXE video files into various formats. These files can be converted not only in videos but also in images which is a helpful part of this application. User have to follow a simple procedure to convert these files i.e. import a file from the system by either using browse option or user can go with the drag and drop method, also user have to select the output destination and the format they want to actuate this conversion. Another important feature of this useful application is that it comes in various adjustable configurations which user can change according to their needs. For example crop, resize, quality, rate in terms of images while frame/seconds and AVI codec if user is going for a video conversion. SWF Toolbox also allows batch processing mechanism which is also an important feature of it. Also, user can restore all the settings back, same as they are before. This application also comes with a built in player by which user can preview the file before starting the conversion. SWF Toolbox has a user friendly GUI with easy operating mechanism so that every user whether novice or professional use it easily. However, if user get confused at any point, a well mannered graphic documentation comes with the application to guide user. Also, SWF Toolbox is a light weighted application which uses moderate resources of user’s system.


Some of the alternatives of SWF Toolbox present in the market are Hair Master and Adobe Creative Suite. But the features packed with this helpful application give it an advantage over these alternatives. Some of these useful features are conversion in numerous formats, easy controlling and adjustable configurations. Built in player and easy file conversion process are some other features which makes it a must have application.


SWF Toolbox is a useful application for user searching for a SWF, FLV or EXE file conversions. This application comes in a user friendly interface which make all users to operate is easily and comfortably. Also, it is a light weighted application that uses minimal system resources so that user can perform multiple tasks while actuating this conversion.


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