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While Windows operating system has robust reference and support tooling for users, there are cases when faults encountered are technical in nature and need to be resolved quick. For normal users this can be a daunting prospect in itself. Supremo from Nanosystems is a remote desktop client which can let a remote client control the PC and perform trouble shooting easily.


Supremo is a compact utility without any hefty installations and is basically just one executable file on Windows PC. The user interface is widget based to enable connections and remote desktop support. Supremo uses its own data transfer protocol that lets users connect computers beyond firewalls and behind routers without any special configurations. The connections are encrypted in AES 256-bit with a 4 digit random password generated for each session to thwart any attempt of data snooping (Custom passwords which are stronger can also be provided). For complex assistance sessions, Supremo allows multiple clients to join one computer and this is useful for system admins and IT admins. File Transfer is achieved with “drag and drop” support and is supported in both directions. Supremo can be customized where users can put their own logo with their own branding. The software is also capable of running in the background as a Windows service to make connections always available. There is also an integrated chat application that lets users converse during sessions. Apart from these there also exists a Meeting mode which enables connected computers to have meetings online. The software is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2003-2012 Server editions (both 32 and 64 bit versions).


Microsoft has its own version of remote desktop client in the form of “Remote Desktop Connection” and provides almost identical feature set save for chat and meetings. TeamViewer is one of the most popular remote desktop clients and is available on all popular platforms including mobile ones and thus arguably covers more demographic. Supremoon the other hand provides custom branding and integrated chat. LogMeIn is a commercial offering with availability on Microsoft’s and Apple’s platforms and also boasts of remote printing support – something which Supremo lacks (though it lacks an integrated chat). Some other free clients similar to Supremo are, GBridge (with chat support), AnyDesk, and TigerVNC (an open-source VNC implementation). Upcoming Windows 10 is said to have built-in remote desktop client for official trouble shooting as well.


Supremo is an adequate remote desktop client with a dead easy interface and enough options for business/commercial usage. It provides integrated chat and custom branding – something which the competition does not. However, upcoming Windows release with integrated remote desktop client may render the software more limited in use.


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