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StrongDC++ is a free application which has been developed by StrongDC++ which helps the users in sharing various files on the DC network. Being a client to client replacement to the original DC++ software application, it offers a lot of other features apart from the basic ones that one can find in any other similar application.

However, the application is not portable and leaves many traces on a PC, especially in the computer’s registry. This application does not require any kind of installation. All the user is required to do is to extract the files present inside the archive and then run the software using the executable file easily.


Some of the basic features of the StrongDC++ application are mentioned below:

  • The application offers its users a very safe as well as segmented downloading. By this, the user can download a file from various users without any type of corruption problem. This in turn enhances the speed of downloads and makes the downloading process safer.
  • StrongDC++ also gives a download and uploads speed limiter option so that some speed for browsing is also left for the user while the downloading is going on. One should know that the download speed of any file depends upon the upload speed which in turn is dependent upon the number of slots or hubs that are opened.
  • One could also download as well as upload selective parts of big files that are downloaded by you or maybe some other user. This basically helps in increasing the download speed as well as file expansion over the network.
  • It also saves the time as well as data usage of the user by automatically disconnecting the slow connections that give slow download speed for a certain period of time.
  • The user can customize the application by changing the color scheme and icons, setting sounds depending upon various situations, etc.


The interface of StrongDC++ is a bit complicated when compared to other file sharing applications, but one can get used to it and fully understand it after using it for some time. Although, one of the special feature of splitting up the file in various smaller segments gives this application a bit of boost to beat some of the other similar applications.


Overall, it is possible that the experts may feel this application lagging in terms of performance as it eats up a bit of your CPU memory and RAM while the user is downloading a large sized file but still maintains its position as an alternative to DC++ software.


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