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Sticky Password is an efficient tool for remembering passwords for certain specific application password dialogues and websites. The program automatically enters the specified passwords for the particular websites and applications.


Sticky Password is a highly useful tool for remembering passwords for certain applications and websites. The software saves the passwords and automatically populates the password fields once the specific website or application is initialized.

After installing this application, whenever a user logs into the website for the first time, the application will ask permission to save the password. The user then needs to choose if the password is to be saved. If the password is allowed to be saved, the application will automatically enter it into the field meant for the password. The program can be directly integrated with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

The application is useful due to the fact that it saves time required for entering a password and users do not have to remember difficult passwords. By remembering the passwords, the application also provides protection from malware such as key loggers. The application incorporates features such as password generator, password protection and allows importing and exporting passwords. Users can also take backups of their passwords by using this application and the program also has a portable version that allows copying the application to removable devices such as USB drives. The application requires very less system resources and does not hamper the performance of the system. It has an intuitive interface, which enables even new users to operate the application in a simple and easy manner. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


LastPass is an application similar to Sticky Password. The application can import password credentials from browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. The application also supports two factor authentication, storing passwords on their cloud servers and incorporates a password generator for generating secure passwords.


Sticky Password is a highly useful and efficient application for saving and storing important passwords. It allows users to save the complicated passwords which they otherwise might not remember. It also ensures security from key loggers as well as other malware which might trace passwords. The application also allows users to generate their own passwords, import and export their passwords and use the portable version of the application.


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