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Hard disks are the only storage part in user’s computer system and if no space is left in these disks, then condition become vulnerable. Users have to go for external hard disk but that’s not the relevant solution for this problem. Steam Mover is a useful application by which user can move steam files of applications to different locations. This application works as a junction creator and has several useful features, which make it a helpful application.


Sometimes user bound to search for other sources whenever their hard disks have no free space. But till then there is no such place to keep the steamed files. Thus user needs an application which helps in placing these files properly on different places. So by using Steam Mover application, user can perform this operation easily and comfortably. This application helps user to remove the files that are left after uninstalling some application so as to create some space for steamed app files. Other useful function of this application is that you can easily point out the steam applications folder and can show new locations for the files. It basically works as a junction between two different locations of steamed files. Steam Mover has the possibility of operating from USB or removable disks too which is another important feature of this useful application as by this user can freely use it on any other system. The best part of this application is that it does not have any setup procedure, which provides user the facility to run the application by just clicking on the EXE file and use it to any system.

Steam Mover also performs automatic movements of steamed application files and user has to customize this automatic movement according to their requirements to make file relocation easy. User can define commands to make this application work according to them. This application comes in a user friendly GUI so that any user can use it efficiently without any pre operating guidance. It has simple operating mechanism and uses quite small amount of RAM without affecting performance of user’s system.


Steam Mover gets tough competition from its alternatives like CSConfigrator, Minecraft Server and OnLive. But there are some useful and important features which make this application helpful. These features are simple sleek design, to the point operating mechanism and user friendly GUI. Also, with optimal CPU usage and help wizard, user can use this application without any fatigue.


Steam Mover has all useful parameters of becoming an important application in the area of moving steam application files to different location when user’s hard disk becomes full. User can have this simple application as it is the best application for steam files movements and can be operated from a USB or Removable disk too. Automatic relocation, no setup procedure are some extraordinary features of Steam Mover.


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