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Being a professional user, one must have to maintain the records of all the important documents, messages, contacts, etc. Static Backup8 is an application that help user to keep that professional as well as personal data safe and more secure. This application allows user to back up all personal data, also the application enables backing up the settings of different applications installed on user’s system. Automatic backup, incremental backup and backup logs are some important features of Static Backup8.


There are many applications that provide data backup facility but many of those applications escapes data of the application installed on user’s system. Static Backup8 is an important application that allows user not only to backup their personal data but also all the professional data present on various applications installed on the system. The application supports backing up user’s mails, contacts, messages, etc. On startup, the application makes a full system scans to enlist all the programs and applications installed on user’s system. User friendly interface of the application enables user to backup data more easily. The help wizard enables beginners to operate application comfortably. Another important feature of Static Backup8 is automatic or schedule backup mode i.e. the application itself performs the backup task on regular time intervals depending on user preferences. Static Backup8 provide single click backup, the only thing user has to do is just to mark/unmark for backup. Incremental Backup is also an important feature which provides the facility of only backup the changes made in a file or application since previous backup. This application keeps all records of the backup in form of logs made either by the user or by application itself so that user can check and fetch required information.

Additionally, Static Backup8 is a powerful application that supports many applications like Windows mail, Firefox, Outlook 2003/07/10, etc. It is a light weighted application that does not affect the performance of computer system. Data encryption, password protection and disk burner are some additional features of Static Backup8.


Some other applications providing same mechanism like Static Backup8 are ODIN, Free Any Data Recovery, etc. But Static Backup8 is a light weighted and simple operating application that enables the user to backup messages, contacts, mails and other valuable data. Also, the features like schedule backup, data encryption make it a useful application for the user. Static Backup8 also has the ability to check updates for the applications installed in user’s system.


Static Backup8 is an important and useful application that a user must have. The user friendly interface with such important features supporting backup of user’s valuable data make this application efficient and easy to use. The important aspect of Static Backup8 is that it does not affect the system performance so that user can freely operate several other tasks during the backup.


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